How to Comment: Just click on «Deja un Comentario»/»Comment» after a post. Or, fill in the box on a «page.» The first time you comment, it will be checked before it is posted. This may take a day. After that, your comments will go right up.

How to «Post» to the Blog: After you log in (up top), you will see the «Dashboard.» To make a post do either:

  1. Fill in «QuickPress» near the upper right.
  2. Click «New Post» at the very top, on the left.

If you are on a web page (not in the Dashboard), just click «New Post» at the top left.

How to Get Pages Translated by Google

  1. Click the «Translate» Link at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Google shows the translated home page (under a Google header).
  3. Now just click around the site as usual — it’s all translated.
  4. To return to the real website, copy the URL from the Google header. Paste it into your browser’s «GoTo URL» slot.

How to map a domain name: Click Here

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